Last week I was talking about the principles of building a capsule wardrobe and today I wanted to talk about it in more practical terms. What are the building blocks of a capsule wardrobe and can I avoid the white shirt cliche? We all know white shirts are amazing but really, how many of us wear them on the daily basis?

So what are the building blocks of a capsule wardrobe? Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. A cashmere jumper– a real wardrobe hero. I would recommend cashmere because it’s thin enough to wear in spring and on summer evenings, yet so warm you will wear it in the winter. They go with everything- skirts, jeans, leather trousers…I would recommend you buy one in grey and one in black or navy. My favourite cut is a crew neck from a men’s department because of its stunning, sharp simplicity. Roll the sleeves up one your wrists for added style.
  2. White t-shirt. There’s rarely anything more stylish than a white tee, a pair of blue jeans and aviator sunglasses. It’s an epitome of cool. It looks great peeking from under your grey cashmere jumper.
  3. A shirt– although there is no need to buy a white one. You could try black, blush or nude. Silk would be a great option of you can afford it (Everlane does great ones). A well cut shirt is a hardworking wardrobe hero and will take you from office to a dinner in the evening. It can look elegant, effortless, nonchalant (if you undo this extra button :)), chic- depending on how you wear it.
  4. A suit– but not the City banker type. My favourite ones are tweed, Chanel-esque type (LK Bennet does good ones) because you can wear them separately as well.  Jackets would be perfect with jeans or leather trousers, too and any of the above tops. The same goes for the skirt. If you can afford it, make sure it’s made of wool rather then polyester. Apart from environmental impact, polyester will make you sweat. A lot.
  5. Slightly oversized wool blazer, Isabel Marant style- this is your autumn and spring jacket. I must say that a trench coat never really worked for me as it’s too thin for these autumn or early spring days.  A blazer makes you pulled together an adds nonchalance if you pair it with leather trousers.
  6. A robe style coat– an absolute classic which goes with everything in your wardrobe. The beauty of it is that it’s elegant to wear to work, yet not structured like for example a double breasted coat, so you can wear it with jeans and leather trousers. It would be great if you could invest in wool or wool and cashmere blend, not acrylic. It’s pricey but you would wear it for years to come.
  7. A pair of leather trousers– I don’t think hat there’s a single, more hard working piece in your closet. A cut and shape will depend on your figure and what flatters your body. I’ve been wearing mine since 2012 and unless I put on weight, I’m planing on wearing them with everything for years to come. Leather trousers, white tee and cashmere jumper is my go to uniform.
  8. A pair of jeans– need I say more? It doesn’t matter what’s in fashion (unless whatever is in fashion happens to suit you)- it’s best to go for a cut that makes you look and feel great.  They look best sightly worn so you may want to try a vintage pair.
  9. A black dress- I would recommend a simple, versatile, no fuss midi, made of slightly stiffer fabric. It can be worn in the day to the office, dinner or a party in the evening. It would make a great impact with simple flat mules, Manolo style.

Would you add anything to this list?


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