Or rather- effortless style secrets ūüôā If you ever wonder how do they do this, those girls who seem to pick up a first thing from their closer (pile of a chair ;)) and look amazing. Oh, and they seem to have lost a hair brush some time ago…

I’ve always wanted to know, ever since I went to Paris and for the first time, consciously noticed what the women were wearing. They seemed to have an easiness abut them, effortlessness and certain nonchalance. ¬†The outfits didn’t look laboured. What was their secret? Of course, the grass is alway greener on the other side fo the fence and it took me a a long time to notice that women in London were cool and effortless just as much.

The eureca moment happened to me one day when I was getting ready to go out. I put on a pair of favourite trousers, a silk St Laurent shirt (I was hankering after it for ages and one day found it massively reduced on ¬†The Outnet :)), grabbed a bag and put on my favourite mules on the way out. I was ready. Deciding on an outfit used to take me hours and now it was now taking me about a minute. ¬†I think you’d need to ask yourself if:

Do you clothes go together?¬†By which I mean- if you were to dress in the dark, would you still look good? Or do you work on outfits, laboriously putting pieces of puzzle together? In my opinion, this is the most important factor. ¬†Styled outfits can look amazing of course but it’s a far cry from true effortlessness. In my previous posts I put together a capsule wardrobe example. You could pick out any two items from the list and I can guarantee you that they would go together. ¬†When I was putting together my wardrobe, I often looked up to Isabel Marant collections for guidance. Her clothes are super expensive and not always up my street, yet the way she designs them is exactly what I’m talking about- you can pick out any two pieces and they would go together like a dream.

Do you have an¬†uniform?¬†That’s something that really helps to achieve true effortlessness. Did you notice that most stylish people often seem to wear the same thing? I’ve got a girl crush on Barbara Martello- look her up and see how she wears slim jeans, silk shirts and well cut blazers most days. She is one of he most effortless, stylish women I know of. ¬†Tried and tested formula helps to forget about the outfit so we can get on with life- whilst looking fabulous.

Do you own it?¬†Is it you? Do you feel comfortable in it? Does it make you feel great? You cannot look effortless unless you really, truly own the style you are sporting. I gave you examples of what rocks my boat but it’s not just one and only formula. My mother has amazing boho style and is copied my many other women. Yet, I would never look truly effortless in her clothes (even through they are great) because I just don’t feel it’s me. So find your style (I know, sometimes its a tall order), build a wardrobe around it, forget about trends and own it.

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