Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of effortlessness. What is this elusive effortless style and why it draws so many internet searches? Why some people wake up, pick up the first thing from the top of the pile and look amazing, and others’ style look laboured and contrived?

In exploring the idea of effortlessness I wanted to go behoyd strict fashion guides of “wear this, don’t wear that” (these are super useful, too and they are coming, too 😉 ) and to explore the very root of the concept so it doesn’t matter what you have in your wardrobe and create your own effortless style.  You do not have to be dependant on whether or not you have the ‘right’ items in your closet.
For me, the first ingredient of effortless style is contrast. It’s actually very easy to do and the French have been at it forever. You need one element “off” or something almost unfinished or unexpected like  glossy hair and no make up make up, or exactly the opposite, messy hair and intricately made up face. Trousers suit and trainers, mini ruffled skirt and men’s jacket or elegant coat and joggers.  Jean-Michel Basquiat did contrast perfectly, wearing Armani suit and no shoes.
Second ingredient is simplicity.  Gucci fans would disagree with me and they would be right- you can be as far from simplicity as possible and still look effortless, but here we are talking about unfussy, understated and sophisticated style. A simple white shirt, a pair of jeans and messy hair will look effortless. Pile it up with pearl earrings, high heels and a matching handbag, watch, belt, blazer and a scarf and the effect will be completely different. Famous Coco Chanel quote about removing one thing before you eave the house works every time.
Third one is all about a statement piece. It can be a cuff, a bag or a pair of shoes. The effect should be as if the statement accesory was an afterthought, something you grabbed on the way out without much thinking about it. For me is almost always the shoe. I often wear a pair of black leather trousers, a white t-shirt and a black men’s jumper and it’s the pair of crazy shoes that provide that unexpected contrasting element and spice up a simple outfit.
What’s your style secrets?

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