How to dress like a French woman? Despite countless articles and a fair share of books on the subject (of various caliber), we still want to know how they do it.  Is there a magic formula?

I think that the coveted French women style is really down to more than one factor and that it’s not all about clothes. In fact, I think clothes are really just one ingredient of the delicious cake called style. The others? Philosophy (whether conscious nor not) and attitude.

I’m always incredulous when I come across blogs and online articles advising that to look like a Parisian you need to be buying ballet pumps and pairing them with tulle skirt (I swear) or another culprit- a beret and a Breton top.  Do you want a baguette to go with it, Mme? I will never forget a girl who I saw on a cold, rainy July afternoon near Trocadero.  She wore a 50-ties style skirt, a Breton top, trench coat, a pair of red ballet pumps and a red beret. I think I know the effect she was after but she missed it by a mile.

In my mini series How to look like a French woman I will explore all the ingredients that make French style so covetable. So visit me next Sunday for part 1- style philosophy. See you soon!

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