Ladies, meet Kush- an activist, women’s right champion and a fabulous woman all around. We met when I posted an advertisement for brand ambassadors. to be honest, I first chose her because her her beautiful cheekbones and shiny hair, and of course the fact that she fits the bill for a petite model (Sascha & The Boys was founded with short women in mind). ¬†Only wen we were chatting I discovered that she left her high flying job to work for a non-profit, teaching women business and financial independence, and fighting against women trafficking. In her spare time she studies fashion supply chain. We could ave chatted for hours about our dislike for fast fashion and the prevalence of plastic in our lives, from supermarkets to our closets.

I love that she is so courageous, leaving society admired job to create a life of her dreams. She is passionate and intelligent and I think you can really see it on the photos. Unfortunately, current format of this site does not allow for more photos so I’ve put more of them on my other blog, www.champagnegirlsabouttown.co.uk.

Kush is embodiment of everything Sascha & The Boys stands for- courage, passion and integrity. I also love the fact that she is over 30 because her face is not only beautiful but also interesting and full of emotion. I’m looking forward to working with her on future shots- she is a women I want to make clothes for- a woman who had the courage to follow her heart.

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