You’ve been thinking what to wear to this party for the past two weeks. It’s a big one, the one who got away is going to be there and you want to look your best.  Your outfit from Net a Porter arrived on Friday and your friends all agreed you are going to look just fabulous. On the day you get a blow dry and manicure. You spend an hour priming and contouring until you have Kate Moss cheekbones. You know you are looking gorgeous and you are discreetly surveying the crowd, checking if your ex has noticed you yet when suddenly you see her…

She is leaning casually against the piano,  holding a glass of champagne. She is wearing a tuxedo jacket, her hair look as if she’d lost her hairbrush three months ago and her red lipstick goes a dream with a subtle, golden tan. You spy a single ring on her finger. She looks like she has someplace better to go afterwards and you suddenly wish you could swap places with her.

What do do if you find yourself overdressed at an event or simply want to look more effortless (not casual)? There are three things you can do immediately:

  1. Take off your make up. I mean, sure you want to leave the foundation and perhaps swipe a bit of bronzer on your cheekbones but I would leave Kardashian inspired make up well alone. A red lippy and maybe a tiny bit of bronzer is all you need.
  2. Muss up your hair. Glossy, bouncy blow dry a la Kate Middleton says “I’ve been getting ready for the past 8 hours”. Batiste dry shampoo from your corner drug store is your friend- gives your hair volume and texture, and that bedhead, nonchalant look.
  3. Swap your stilettos for flats. Whether they are sneakers, ballet pumps or Hermes flats (especially Hermes flats), they have the ability to make your outfit look  little more nonchalant and carefree than a pair of killer heels.

And if you can, grab your man’s jacket and roll up the sleeves. Ready to party? 🙂


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