minimalist fashion style


The boho! No, the romantic! No, no no, lets go sexy here! Ufff…he beauty of being over thirty is that I’m mosty past the style conundrums, which were constant in my twenties. I say mostly because sometimes we all hear the siren call of the latest must haves on Instagram. Yet resist we must because giving into Insta trends is the biggest enemy of minimalist style.

I could talk about minimalist style until I’m blue in the face but there is always a starting point for anyone wanting to edit their closet and try the style for themselves. Without further ado, here are my personal rules:

Rule 1: Shape & colour

Look at the work of Balenciaga. No, not the ugly sneaker but the architectural shapes of  Cristóbal Balenciaga dresses. A simple LBD is anything but basic.  So is the long, sheet dress with “t-shirt” sleeves courtesy of early Balenciaga. It’s the shape that elevates the most simple item to the hight chicness. Clean, strong almost architectural lends the item elegance and confidence. For an affordable (well, relatively), modern option look to Totême.

I’m going to be obvious here but prints are out unless we are talking stripes. But stripes are not really prints, they are neutral. Muted palette of greys, limousines whites, taupe and of course, the queen of chick- black. They look luxurious and expensive even if the fabric is not so much. So let the flowery dress from Zimmerman stay on your Instagram feed.

Rule 2: Understated luxury.

The reason I stopped loving Gucci when Alessandro became a designer at the helm is that I dislike the excess and fuss, and Gucci under his hand has become an epitomie of exactly that. It’s as far removed from the minimalist style as possible. I don’t want to spend north of a thousand pounds to have a handbag everyone on Instagram has. For me, an ultimate luxury is having an items that’s recognisable only by a trained eye. I recently discovered British brand L.O.N.B who makes luxury leather bags. The price of my favourite Roma bag is comparable to Gucci yet I am guaranteed that every second person o the street won’t be wearing it or some sort of knock off version of it. And it doesn’t have a shouty logo. A minimalist’s dream.

Rule 3; From dusk till dawn

I’m a busy business woman and I don’t have the time to be changing countless times or worrying about separating my wardrobe between strictly work and play. Save for gym clothes and suits for court, I want to be able to wear my dress to the office in the morning, dinner party in the evening and  maybe for a stroll with my husband on Sunday, coupled with my Hermes sandals and a wider basket. Minimalist wardrobe is about finding versatile items which will take you from dusk till dawn in style.