I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks here. I tried to write but grief is such an all consuming emotion and I never knew the depths of it until now. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything. I was unable face the world without bursting into tears. But it slowly got better. I was able to go through a few hours without violent outbursts of tears. Little by little these periods got a bit longer.

There is still so much sadness in me and so much grief. But I was determined that something good must come out of it.  One of the most profound things I’ve noticed was that I have the need to pair everything back, strip it to the very basics.  It includes my relationships. Unless I can have an authentic, meaningful relationship with someone, I’m not interested. I want to feel good emotions. No agenda, no power struggle, just love.

It reflected in my clothes, too. My closet is generally quite small but I found myself editing it even more until I was left with the very minimum. The minimalist closet. What does it contain? Mens t-shirts, men’s shirts, men’s cashmere jumpers…quite a lot of mens stuff because they are utterly simple, paired back and of better quality. I get annoyed seeing all the cheap, badly made polyester in women’s departments. I was wandering why it annoys me so much and now I know. Beyond the obvious waste and impact on the environment (when it comes to “plastic” fibres), I realised that all these garish clothes distract from the wearer.  On the other hand, simple, beautifully cut clothes only highlight the woman wearing them. Its the old cliche of not letting clothes wear you. Now I really know what it means.

On the other note, we’ve had our first photoshoot Sascha & The Boys and I’ll put up the photos next week. I hope you will like them as much as I do!

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