Let me introduce to you one of the most timelessly chic and flattering piece of clothing in the universe- a simple, back men’s t-shirt. Although of course, white or grey marl would do, too. It’s been a long time since I shopped for t-shirts in women’s departments.

There is nothing I like about ladies tees because for me, for most part they are just not that flattering. The sleeves are often too short and expose the part of my arms I’d like to hide (top back to be precise). As for the neckline, for me it either has to be high and elegant, or super low and sultry. That in between so common with ladies t-shirts is just…meh.

The beauty of a man’s t-shirt lies in its absolute simplicity. High neckline looks elegant. Sleeve hit exactly the right spot, showing the slimmest part of the arm. Slim fit makes for a streamlined silhouette whilst roomier looks a little nonchalant.

And they are so easy and versatile. I have a beautiful, silk blouse from Joseph. It’s nude, well cut and just hight of sophistication. And you know that? I haven’t worn it in month. It’s a statement blouse and I don’t always feel like making a statement. But I always wanto to look chic in an easy, effortless way.

Recently  I wore The French’s black tee, an A line skirt tweed skirt and pointed flats. I carried my vintage Chanel bag and wore a single bracelet. A friends saw me and asked me where I was going, dressed so elegantly? All I wore was a black t-shirt and a black skirt and somehow  I looked timelessly chic.

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