Last Sunday my friend and I went on a shopping expedition. Nothing out of ordinary- girls exchanging plastic for clothes. Weekend reality. But it got me thinking about what kind of shopper am I? What kind of shopper is my best friend?

We don’t shop together much because our shopping habits are completly different. Apart from occassional impulse shoe purchase, my friend approaches shopping like a woman on a mission. If she needs a pair of shoes or a dress, she consults me and a few glossies, draws up a plan (or demands I do it since I tend to know the layout of most shops inside out) and then executes it with military precision. By the end of the day she will have bought exactly what she was looking for.

I’m used to be an eternal wanderer. Save from a few specific purchases, I used to go in to the store to see what’s new in the name of research. I hardly ever planned to buy anything yet if there was an item that was calling me name, it went home with me. I was that girl who was excited about upcoming “buy it” Instagram feature whilst simultaneously reassuing my bank mamager it was going to be all right. My habits have changed in the last couple of years and from eternal wanderer I also became a women on a mission. I must admit that it saves me tons of money (but I miss my afternoon at Selfridges :))

I’ve identified a few different kinds of shoppers based on girls I know and myself. Do you recognise yourself in one of them?

@ Loyal shopper– she’ll buy anything from a brand or a store. If they sell it it means it’s cool. Here a brand or a store takes on a role of celebrity on social media. You know, if X, Y or Z (insert your own one because de gustibus…) is wearing it’s enough validation on the cool front. I must admit I’m guilty as charged. Why, Selfridges of course followed closely by Liberty are the offenders…They provoked me, Your Honour.

@ Impulse shopper– she’s just got paid and the money’s burning a hole in her pocket. She went to get a t-shirt and returned home with a pair of sunnies, a bracelet and a key ring. She didn’t really need them but they are fun and that bracelet will fit perfectly with the boho trend. Anyway, it was cheap. Only, she just realised that she just spent £50, in addition to another £50 she spent two days ago but she already forgot what she had bought.

@ Bargain hunter– if somewhere, anywhere in the entire digital sphere that pair of shoes she wants can be bought with 3% discount, she will find it. She’s a queen of vouchers and a die hard fan of Groupon. In her eyes value of an item is inversly proportional to it’s bargain price.

@ Woman on a mission– she will plan her shopping trip and execute it with military precision. Like a remote- guided missile, she will ignore distractions and go in straight for the target. She keeps her eyes on a prize.

@ The researcher– she needs a bag. An investment bag and that means she won’t rush out an buy it before debating pros and cons of a particular model, comparing the hardware and checking internal compartments. She’s became a regular on Net-a-Porter where she conducts her research. After a few months she might buy the bag. Possibly. But if she buys it, what on Earth is she going to do on the train to work or at lunch in the office?

And you- what kind of shopper are you?


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