About the brand 

Hey petite people and welcome to Sascha & The Boys, clothing brand created by petite designer for all the amazing petite women out there. I’m Ana and I’m here for you. 

I understand your struggle to look good, I live it myself and I believe that you should have a fashion brand dedicated to you so you don’t have to alter every piece of clothing you buy.  I’m obsessed with fit. Our dresses go through weeks of fittings to be sure they fit and flatter petite bodies. 

I don’t design our clothes at the back of a showroom. Because I’m a lawyer and a designer with crazy travel schedule (I live in France, run businesses in the UK and produce our clothes in Poland), I know how important the fit, comfort and quality is.

“I’ll be addicted to your dresses now! I always have to get so much alternations to dresses so it felt amazing to zip up the dress and for it to fit perfectly” – ED, Ireland 

About the designer 

1980’s in Poland was a pretty grim time: martial law, strikes, police shooting at the civilians. I don’t remember it, I was a child, but I remember the greyness.  The world of little girls today is often a sparkly pink one. I had none of the sparkle but I didn’t care. All I ever wanted was to make clothes. I made paper dolls and hundreds of delicate paper dresses for them. I devised a way to prevent the dresses from falling off the dolls but I hardly ever played with them. I only wanted to make beautiful dresses. 

Fast forward and I went the traditional route- I became a lawyer. I was very successful, building a women only law firm in the heart of London. I loved my work and my lifestyle- travelling, designer clothes and enjoying the best that London had to offer.  I noticed when buying designer clothes that they often didn’t fit me. I was too short, my torso was smaller and legs shorter than average.

I realised that there must be women like me, wanting to look stylish and feel amazing but struggling to buy beautiful, well fitting clothes. And so I allowed myself the courage to follow my childhood dream and I created Sascha & The Boys, a brand by petite women for other petite women. 

Our values 

Our dresses must fit you perfectly and we fit them for months sometimes. We don’t rush it so you get a perfectly cut dress that fits petite frame like a glove. That’s the first thing that clients write to us about- the perfect fit. 

We produce our clothes together with our London atelier and our partners in Poland. Integrity, fair wages and good working conditions are important to us and we know they are important to our customers. You won’t find mass produced polyester here. Instead, you will find beautiful, well-fitting clothes from natural fabrics, made in Europe.