September chill in London made me think about a new coat. Our first line of coats will be released in time for next winter so this time around I will have to think about buying one. I’m very picky when it comes to my coats- they have to have big enough collars (fast fashion brands always produce coats with narrow collars), which are stiff enough to stay up (very, very rare).  Fabric must be dense and hold shape and the cut must be slightly exaggerated (limp fabric and stingy cut are the biggest giveaways of a cheap looking coat). Isabel Marant has been my favourite for some time. I managed to buy her coats on The Outnet with some great discounts.

I get really annoyed when brands try to pull a fast one on me. Take Zara for example. Their women coats have OK cuts but awful quality fabric. For the same price their men coats are much better quality, fabric wise. Why??? And most importantly- why are allowing this to happen? My other pet peeve is when a premium brand charges £500 for a coat when I can see from a mile off there are problems with quality- for example there is pulling at the seems (LK Bennet, I’m looking at you). In general, there seem to be very little thought going into the designs (I’ve already had a rant about it in one post below :)). And you know what- the customers sometimes have very little choice so they shell out their hard earned cash to buy this trash.

There seem to be very little in between, good quality coats that don’t cost £2,000 and are ethically produced. Do you know any? Share them with me!

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