Despite this title, a recent Dior campaign, where the fashion house gifted scores of influencers a re-issued saddle bag made it clear that an IT bag is alive and well. The bag promptly sold out and the photos of it flooded Instagram. Couple of years ago I would consider buying it. These days, I shudder at the thought of owning an an IT item of the season.

My bag collection is very small. I own a vintage Chanel 2.55, which I bought 11 years ago and two Celine bags, with no logo or hardware and only tiny, gold embossed letters. Blink and you miss them. As I know myself more and more, my taste takes me on a journey towards absolute simplicity- austerity almost. I cannot imagine myself wearing Ralph Lauren blazer with the brand’s recognisable logo. By the same token, Michael Kors bags are utterly lost on me.

My grandmother told me once that the ultimate luxury is only recognisable to a knowing eye. I now know what she meant and it has become my style motto.

I don’t buy anything these days because all my cash goes into development of my brand. But one day, when have disposable income again, I will buy two bags, which I love for their utter simplicity and elegance.

Zofia Chylak is a Polish brand who makes incredibly stylish yet utterly inconspicuous handbags. I owned some of her first creations and loved them. Granted, these days the waiting list for most of her bags is longer than from here to next week, yet because of lack of hardware and stunning elegance, they don’t feel like a coveted IT item of the season. There is no shiny logo dangling from a strap. A “crocodile” embossed small handbag which I have my eye on has a charm of a vintage Kelly, yet is totally contemporary. The other bag I’m coveting is Roma is by a British luxury brand, L.O.N.B. Again, it’s so elegant yet so discreet. It’s the opposite of being you face yet you would do a double take if you saw it on the street. Both are items I can easily see gifting my granddaughter one day, long after the excitement of Dior saddle bag had vanished.

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