Those of us who ever read any books on how Parisian girls don’t get fat and swan around looking all cheekbones and tousled hair, could be quite susceptible to the myth of “I woke up like this”. I know I have been. “I woke up” with perfectly tousled hair and luminous skin. “I’ve just put on some concealer and smudged an eyeshadow, and just happen to look amazing”. Yeah… I know I’ve certainly felt inadequate in the looks department. The apparent simplicity of the look- I mean how hard can it be? The answer is very and you will most probably need a professional help unless you’ve done it for so long you are practically pro yourself.

When I called on the help of @aga-makeupartist the brief was straightforward- make me look like one of these French girls 😉 I wanted my face chiseled by light and shadows, with no obvious eyeliner, pencil or too much mascar. I wanted “natural” hair that looked like a careless bun, which I put up in a hurry that morning and now it was half falling apart. I imagined we would be done in 30 minutes flat.

An hour and half, we were still there.

Two hours later and effect was incredible- suddenly I was all cheekbones with luminous skin and deep green eyes, thick, tousled hair…and yet, had I told you I woke up like this, you could really believe it.  In a way it was a revelation- firstly that it is all an illusion. And that you can achieve it – if you want to. And that no one really looks like this in real life (unless you are Giselle that is ;)). The drawback of course is that you need to know what you doing. And that it takes a long time- even for a pro. But at least I’m over the illusion now.

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