It’s almost here!

The Signature Collection launches in just a couple of days. I’m so excited! Before it launches,  I wanted to tell you something. 

First of all, I’m so very honoured you are with me on his journey. From a lawyer to a brand owner, it’s been a long and emotional one. Being a fashion designer was my childhood dream. But being a powerful lawyer was so much a part of my identity, that I was afraid to make a switch. 

Being a lawyer taught me so much, too. Being able to stand my ground. Decision making. But most of all- confidence in myself. It’s a pretty powerful feeling. I wanted to translate this feeling into my designs. I waned you to you feel the same unapologetic, unashamed, uncompromising confidence in your style, in your elegance and sophistication. 

The collection launches at the beginning of this week. Everything is ready. The only thing I’m waiting for are he last photos for the shop. 

Photos? Don’t you already have them?-you might be thinking, and you would be right. I do . But something had changed. 

After we took photos in Paris featuring samples made from bamboo silk, I  decided to change the fabric. I love bamboo silk. It’s a beautiful fabric, it flows, it moves with every step. It looks expensive- and it is quite expensive, too. I realised that I couldn’t make my dresses in this fabric and have the price I wanted, too. 

And  I wanted something different. Something more sculptural. And cheaper, too so I could pass on the saving to you. 

I found a beautiful, OECO-TEX Standard 100 certified cotton. The rest, as they say is history. 

But I needed to have another photoshoot to accurate reflect what you are getting. 

Now, if you love dresses from bamboo fabric you saw previously and you prefer it over cotton, I will soon open pre-orders. You will be able to choose from black white or champagne. 

The shop officially won’t open for another week. The stock is very limited so I wanted my subscribers to have excluding access to a pre-sale page.  You can still subscribe on this site.

I’m so excited and scared too. I wanted the collection to be perfect- sophisticated, elegant and timeless. Sometime you can wear over and over again without worrying about the next big trend. I hope I’ve achieved it.

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