Iā€™m so very excited to show you this image from our photoshoot in Paris. Current blog template allows for just one photo (this will change in the future) but I will put a few more on my other site .

I wanted to give you a little update where I am at the moment šŸ™‚ Iā€™m making last productions samples! This is the very last stage before the collections goes into production. I needed to check- for the very last time- that everything fits well. I’m obsessed with how things fit. I bought too many ill fitting clothes in my life to know how annoying it is, to buy something that looks amazing on a model only to find, when they arrive, that there are too many inches in a wrong direction, the shoulder doesn’t sit right, there’s too much across the back… Often, I tried to convince myself that it will be ok, no one will notice but ultimately, all of these clothes always went back. I know a too well that an inch in a wrong place or direction can take an item from sharp to frumpy. I’m scared of frumpy. It’s a final stop in Not So Chic Land.

I also changed the fabric- again. I tried two different ones until I came across The One. Third time lucky. Dress you see on the photo is the first prototype and it’s made of bamboo silk, a very beautiful, silky fabric. But ultimately decided I wanted something more stiff, a fabric that would hold a voluminous shape as well as A line. I found it- and it ticks all the boxes.

So whilst we are working on a PREFECT fit and very soon, the production, there are so many other things to do.Ā  Choosing luxe boxes and tissue paper and organising pack shots are the more sexy bits. Having a website done and all the surrounding technical issues, shop plug ins, organising a fulfilment centre and so on, whilst exciting because they take me closer to the final result- in itself are incredibly boring but have to be done.Ā 

A self imposed deadline of 1st of May is not going to happen for sure but 18th? I think we are looking at a launch day šŸ™‚ 

Meanwhile, Iā€™m working on a newsletter and teamed up yet again with my Parisian photographer to bring super cool things to my newsletter subscribers. I promise you will love it so subscribe and let’s stay in touch šŸ™‚

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