I’m so happy to finally show you the first finished sample. I say “finished” but there are still minor corrections to be made. You won’t see them though, it’s more about construction and the fit so what you see here it’s pretty much the end.

It’s made of  bamboo silk, a wonder fabric about which I can talk for hours on end. Luxurious in look and feel, sustainable, machine washable(!), breathable, biodegradable…I can go on 🙂 I was going to make it in black bamboo only but my super stylish mother thought I could add a few dresses in white, too. She has a point-as the collection will be released for Spring, white one will look great with a raw leather belt and tan sandals.

I designed the whole collection to go with flat shoes (although it would look good, too paired with a mule with a low, dainty heel) for that effortless, powerful look- and feel.  For me, nothing says “confident” more than long skirt and flat shoes. I don’t feel like conforming to someone else’s idea of beauty. I don’t need or want sky high stilettos and skin tight clothes to feel powerful, beautiful or sexy.

I made this dress to take my clients from desk to dinner. To make them look and feel elegant, effortless and powerful without trying. And to make them forget about the dress and get on with their amazing lives.

Ps. And it has pocket, guys, it has pockets!

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