I was watching “Three colours, blue”by Krzyszof Kieslowski (I’ve been learning French since I moved countries for the love of my life) when I saw a scene which stopped my in my tracks, metaphorically speaking. Juliette Binoche sits in a cafe, pouring hot espresso over vanilla ice cream. She wears very little make up and a black, simple crew neck jumper. The image is simply striking. Later on, a neighbour wonders why does she live on her own “You aren’t the type to be dumped’ she muses.

And then I had “aha” moment. It wasn’t about a jumper, or the famous French no make up and “I lost my hairbrush three years ago” hair. It was her confidence and quiet self-possession which was so incredibly alluring. Her black jumper and minimal make up accentuated her personality by allowing it to take center stage.

I love when clothes do that. When they make me feel chic and stylish, and most important- confident. I couldn’t find any image from the movie so this one of Daria Werbowy for Celine is as close as it gets. She looks so strikingly simple yet sophisticated and confident. Everything I want to be when I grow up 😉

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