The collection is here!

Can you imagine it? My first collection is here! After a few years of preparation, a year in the making, a lot of crying when things went wrong (and truly, everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong), a lot of self-doubt and a host of other emotions, but finally, the brand is up and running.

At first, I had a launch week for my email subscribers before I formally opened the shop. It was so nerve wracking and exciting, to send out the first email announcing the collection being live. An hour later, I had the first order. You can’t imagine the happiness and excitement I felt. I did a little dance. I called my whole family 🙂 I was the happiest person in the world- a customer wanted a piece of my vision. I wasn’t so thrilled, professionally since the day I’d won my first trial (against an experienced prosecutor). I remember walking out of court on a cloud nine. I had this feeling again.

Since then I sold more dresses but the thrill remains the same. I am also nervous, too. I want my customers to be happy with their dresses, to look good in them and I hope they like the quality both of fabric and the execution.

I would like to see more women wearing elegant, chic clothes. I get so excited when I see women who look after herself and takes care of her appearance. It’s so inspiring to see a woman who respects herself and demands to same from others. It’s so incredibly powerful.

I hope I’ve succeeded in creating collection of timeless, well cut dresses. Not another fast fashion item, not the latest trend but a modern classic to wear for years to come.


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