The Sascha-signature collection

I look at my 20-something year old with kindness. days spent in a rigid , pencil skirt suits and heels. Evenings- a promise of a glamorous night about to unfold, casual rose champagne and Manolo heels. A world as disjointed as my wardrobe, where night and day never met. In fact, they could come from entirely different planets. The Efficient and The Glamorous, orbiting in two different galaxies.

Somehow, somewhere, these two words merged. I’m no going to pretend it was seamless- it was not. Having a business and dressing the part- it was a struggle at first. I loathed going back to wearing a rigid, pencil skirt suit. Yet, on the days I wore silk blouses and denim, clients referred to my (only) male employee as ‘the boss”. Clearly, the smart casual angle was not working.

I realised that the answer was in a dress- a powerful dress that takes me from desk to dinner, from meeting to cocktails- all this without even adding high heels. In fact, I felt that heels were obsolete, reminiscent of a word where power women had to wear them for fear of not being taken seriously. I loath heels in work surroundings. I want to stomp the ground hard, reliant on my inner power or glide seamlessly- neither of which I achieve do in 10cm stilettos.

And so, The Sascha Signature Collection was born. Designed to be worn from desk to dinner, elegant, sophisticated, made to slim down your waist and ankles, and be worn with flats- super powerful, sophisticated wardrobe staple. I’m s excited to introduce “The Sascha-Signature Collection”. I hope she’ll change your life in the best way possible.

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  1. очень красивые платья, идеи, мысли!!!
    very beautiful dresses ideas thoughts

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