I’m going to tell you what really, really makes me angry in fashion. Apologies in advance if I sound like an angry lady- that’s because I am. I’ve been reading Business of Fashion recently and one article really stuck with me- one of the super cheap, super fast fashion labels announced a huge increase in revenue. We are talking millions upon millions. I’ve heard vaguely of this brand so I knew they were selling 100% polyester but to give them credit, I went online and checked. Yup, still there. Still selling polyester. Still destroying our planet. Thanks guys, you are awesome. Not.

It makes me angry that in today’s day & age, when we have so little time left to change the tide and the future of our planet, there are these brands who enrich themselves at our cost. Yes, it is our collective cost. You, I, our children we have right to clean water free of plastic particles, to clean air and fair wages. So, no thank you, I don’t want your £10 dress. It means for me that someone (our planet, other women) got hurt in the process.

I am totally, fully aware that not everybody can afford more expensive clothes. And that these brand exists because there is a consumer demand for cheap clothing. But I think that brands who have the power of money and platforms with millions of followers behind them, have a social responsibility to lead in shifting consumer mindset. They have a voice but only use it to enrich themselves. I wonder if these people have children? What sort of world will they leave them?

So ladies, its our call. We can change things around. We can buy less, buy better quality and get off the fast fashion carousel. There are so many natural, environmentally friendly fabrics out there. Things can get made locally (for me its Europe) for a fair wage. I’m ok with having one dress for a long time, providing it’s great cut and quality. There is something to be said about having trusted clothes that makes one look and feel amazing.

As for Instagram… I used to think that I needed to show new clothes all the time but actually, I was completely mistaken (I’m talking about my private account). My old cashmere jumper (which I’ve had for 8 years) and a silk skirt (4 years) got as many likes as a new dress. My followers wanted to see a consistent style, which got better when I actually stopped buying clothes.

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