I’m drowning in flowers and not in a good way. I went to our high street looking for barely there, tan sandals and distracted by clothes, I’m browsing racks and racks of dresses. I’m looking at a red dress  printed with small flowers and I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before. In fact- I have. In a shop next door. It had a slightly different cut but it was made from the same fabric. In yet another shop, I see a variation of the same dress, in blue. I feel like all I’ve seen in the past few seasons are buttoned down, flowery dresses. Jeanne Damas made them famous a few years ago with her brane Rouje. I wanted one too because who doesn’t want to dress like a French woman? (I never bought one).

I don’t want a flowery dress any more. I want something with a strong, sculptural shape. No frills, patterns or flowers.  I want a chic, understated look. I want something that makes me feel powerful.

Strange thing with an understated style- it’s so restraint and discreet, it doesn’t immediately command every eyeball on the street and yet despite – or maybe because of this, it exudes self-confidence and class. Once you see it, you can’t look away. 

Which brands to chose for this look? I’m forever in awe of The Row. The twins make the sort of clothes I wish I made first. Yet their prices put their clothes out of reach for me. Toteme is another brand I love but I’m not totally on board with their use of polyester so I don’t shop there often. This year they rolled out a silk dress, quite distinctive looking dress and I’m seriously consider getting it. Other than that? I can’t stop wearing my Sava dress. I wore it for the office with tuxedo blazer for a slightly androgynous look. With Josephs cashmere on a chilly evening. Paired with Bottega Vanetta pouch and The Row sandals. I felt great. Chic. Sophisticated. Different.

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