Paris…is there more beautiful beautiful city in the world? There is something about it, maybe a blend of old word elegance and sophistication with youthful energy, that feeds my soul. Paris makes me happy and feels like home. 

The first time I went for longer than a weekend (nearly three weeks), I took with me my entire wardrobe! You can imagine the seize of my suitcase! Nowadays, not only my wardrobe has shrunk to perhaps less than 10% of what I used own but the items I take with me are very different, too. 

I no longer take different “outfits”. I want to look and feel effortless. Paris for me is not about comfortable sneakers, raincoat, travel umbrela and all these items, which come up when you google “what to pack for Paris”. I’m done running from one spot to another, come rain come shine, eager to see all the tourist spots. These days Paris for me is a slow, lazy breakfast, a coffee in a pavement caffe, a walk along the river bank, an exhibition, a cocktail in one of the rooftop bars and a dinner in Montmartre. 

If I go in late Spring I take a black dress or two, which I wear in the day and in the evening, low heel pumps, some jewellery and very few make up products. A little bit of bronzer for that “weekend the South of France” glow and a smudge of lipstick is enough.  And a good handbag of course. I’ve had my Chanel for over ten years now (and when I bought it, it was already vintage) and it still looks great. My Chanel pumps are also few years old and worn in- I don’t save them special ocassions. I like my old things- they have a history and I feel that they look effortless. 

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